IGA wants to invest in your vision

Is your product nearly ready — or totally ready — to launch on the Quebec market? Does it have the potential to invigorate its sales category, but faces some hurdles before being officially launched? This is your time. This is your place.

The IGA Local Accelerator program is helping Quebec businesses bring the best of Quebec products to store shelves.

IGA is putting its extensive expertise to work for its partners, merchants and Accelerees. If you’re selected, IGA will compile a list of needs and potential barriers to launch for your product. What’s more, we’ll put together a specialized team and a fully customized program to find the best solutions for your product and help your business grow.

IGA’s Local Accelerator program can address a range of concerns — including procurement, marketing, production, packaging, distribution, logistics, research and more — to help cement your place in Quebecers’ hearts and shopping carts.

In addition to providing professional services and support, IGA may also provide financial aid for your project. The mission of our Local Accelerator program is to propel more local products onto store shelves. The program has a discretionary budget to support the projects it selects, depending on their needs. We take a personalized approach; the agreement and funding details are discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Register your company today for a chance to be part of the first-ever cohort of IGA Local Accelerator companies. Once you’ve signed up, an IGA representative will contact you directly.

Don’t wait — sign up to the Local Accelerator program today to make the most of your business.